Effective Verbal and Written Communication With Those From Other Cultures

1.0 Continuing Education Credit Hours


With the ever increasing diversity of cultures in this nation, we need to be cognizant of how to be effective with verbal communicates as well as making materials which are culturally appropriate for a wide variety of population groups.  This means more than merely translating the words of English materials into another language, but rather thinking of new ways to organize and present materials.  Additionally, the use of interpreters is addressed in this module.


  1. Describe the differences in behaviors and communication styles for those from other cultures.
  2. Explain oral, written, and nonverbal communication techniques that may be helpful when caring for a patient and family from another culture.
  3. Explain how to work with an on-site medical interpreter when communicating with a patient and family who do not speak English.
  4. Identify the pros and cons of using an off-site interpreter, through the telephone or remote video.
  5. Describe how to become culturally competent

Online Module

When completing the on-line module you will be presented with learning objectives, brief cases, questions for reflection (not scored), and interactive lessons with hyperlinks to engage you along the way. Once you complete the lessons, you will be presented with the Module Evaluation and then the Post Test (which requires a score of 70%), followed by the opportunity to print your Continuing Education Certificate. Modules remain available for your future reference once you have completed them.